Not a category!

Mumbai, India. October 9, 2019

I have never spoken my heart out here. Ever since I started this blog, a question which I was asked around every time was what do you blog about?

Confused & unsure I would sometimes fumble on fashion & sometimes on lifestyle. But my vivid unsettling mind would always question me back.

It is said that your blog should be a creative representation of you and so I have reached to the conclusion that my colourful exhuberent personality cannot fit in just one category. The categories offered are too restricting and I feel what Sstyle Salad has to offer is too unique to be categorized. I am here to be the real me, the raw me, simple with no frills. I am here to pour my heart out.

I will start to post about everything that I get inspired by living this life. Somedays its fashion weeks, awe inspiring books or a shopping trip. Other days it's waking up at 5, meeting a friend, prep talk from Dad or just spending time with myself.

It is impossible to put such a vast colourful vivacious vague episodes of inspiration under one category.

And so I have decided I am NOT A CATEGORY!


Kavya :)

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