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Updated: Jun 16, 2018

A very warm welcome into my life and this new chapter called Style Salad.

I have always enjoyed writing. For almost a year now I had been contemplating, thinking, doubting, judging, and thinking again on the idea of starting something where I could express myself.

Nothing seemed better than combining my two great loves - Fashion and Writing. So here I am creating and building this.

I hope you enjoy being part of this roller coster ride called STYLE SALAD as much as I enjoy riding (more like curating) it. STYLE SALAD is a personal style blog and a labor of my passion as I go by living this life.

I have always believed that there’s only one you, and this little diary is going to be a creative expression of what I believe in, do and get inspired by everyday.

Join me, to see the world through my eyes; welcome with a big heart.

For the beautiful journey ahead,



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