Hacks for Wedding Season Glow

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Mumbai, India. November 14, 2019

Wedding season is right around the corner & so are all the brunches, events, dinners & parties that you need to be at. It is going to be whirlwind, chaotic, busy & what not. I've always loved to show my natural skin and not hide it under layers of makeup.

Scroll below for 5 simple chemical free hacks to get the perfect wedding season glow on your face.

Hack 1 - Ample amount of sleep

Hack 2 - Applying Raw milk on face

Hack 3 - Fruits on face

Hack 4 - Drinking lots & lots of water

Hack 5 - Rubbing Ice on Face

Honestly these hacks combined with healthy eating work miraculously on your skin. I love the simple stuff & currently I am totally obsessing over applying raw milk every morning :) Use any one of these regularly and let me know how it changed your skin.

Keep glowing,


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