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Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Mumbai, India. August 11, 2018

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”  ― Yves Saint-Laurent

My love affair with makeup started just few years ago. Walking into a makeup store takes me into a different world, the one that is shinier, brighter, and lovelier. As quoted by Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of Shopaholic, “A store can awaken a lust for things you never even knew you needed.”

Over the years makeup has received a lot of flak for evoking negative emotions in a woman's mind. But I feel so much different. I feel makeup is a very strong tool of empowerment. It reflects a woman's mind and who she is.

The look that I have created is of course glamorous but it is also Bold, Brave and Beautiful. It conveys that a woman is to be taken seriously and she is here to make a statement.

I experiment with my makeup very rarely. But on days when I feel empowered I like to share. Given below are the steps on how I created this look -

1. Start with PRIMER. Prime your face as it gives a smooth texture.

2. Conceal your spots and under eyes to get an even skin tone.

3. Apply BB cream using a beauty blender. (I very rarely use a foundation)

4. Next apply a base EYE SHADOW on your eyes, followed by a brown and then a golden sparkly shade on your eyelids. Add a silver color shade on the inner corner of your eyes, which opens them up.

5. Complete your eyes by adding a thick LINER.

6. Apply HIGHLIGHTER on your cheekbones and nose and BRONZER on your cheeks and corner of your forehead.

7. Put BLUSH on the apple of your cheeks.

8. Lastly, apply any dark shade lipstick. The one that I have used is YSL TATOUAGE COUTURE MATTE STAIN – 15 VIOLET CONVICTION. I am in love with this one currently. It glides smoothly on your lips; the applicator is easy to use and lasts up to 9 hours.


There it is, the GLAMOROUS and POWERFUL you.

Let me know if you want more posts like this and also if you recreate this look.

Also I would like to know, how do you feel empowered?

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